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I started Aquanaut in 2016 to share my favorite escape from reality with as many people as I can. Diving and taking pictures of all the amazing things I see in my home town of San Diego or dive trips is one of the most enjoyable and fulfilling things I do. I started out spearfishing several years ago but overtime realized I actually enjoyed seeing all of the sea life and just being underwater more than the hunt. Now, I just shoot fish with my camera and because I am a free dive photographer I get to connect with the animals and swim alongside them in a much more seamless way than traditional scuba diving. I still love the sport of spearfishing and really enjoy photographing local spear fisherman.

After working 60+ hours a week in an office I found the best way to escape it all is to get deep underwater getting lost in another world. Now I realize not everyone lives near an ocean and can go diving frequently, so for all of my friends and family who can't I wanted to bring a piece of that escape and relaxation to them in their home or offices.

I hope my art can help bring a moment of calm in your life and take even just a few seconds to get lost in another world before surfacing into work or family life.

If you have any special printing requests or questions about anything from free diving to great local places to dive feel free to email me anytime  : Bryan@aquanatphoto.com

Thanks for stopping by!

Bryan Tayefeh



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